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- Our Story -

It all started with the original Frida's in Mill Creek


22 years ago Antonio Pina opened the Original Frida's Gourmet restaurant with the help of friends and family. After a decade of serving customers, he decided to close up shop and move north to Anacortes, where the restaurant currently operates. 

Our small family-owned business prides itself on serving the best,  freshest ingredients to our loyal patrons. Head chef Antonio prepares all of our signature sauces from scratch daily to provide the best taste in each signature dish! You can find Antonio's sister Rocio, nieces Alondra and Mariana, as well as his cousin Gerardo providing excellent customer service to each guest who comes through our doors. 

Our food is a unique blend of traditional Mexican cuisine and new age flare. We love serving our customers tasty traditional dishes with our own signature twist that you cannot find elsewhere! 


About Frida 

 We've named our restaurant after the famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo who built a name for herself in the 20th century. A tragic bus accident when she was just 18-years old left her wheel chair bound for most of her life, leading her to pick up painting as a way of expressing her grief. At 21-years old she married the love of her life, Diego Rivera, who also was know for his painting skills. Much of Frida's artwork portrayed her adoration for Diego, as well as her sorrow through various self-portraits. Distraught with her inability to bear children, a great deal of her work has a palpable seriousness that makes you sympathize with her. In 1983 the Mexican government memorialized her by declaring her artwork property of Mexico and its' people. Her work will be available for all to enjoy and learn from for eternity. 

We chose to honor Frida and her early 20th century contemporaries from the Mexican school of painting not only in naming our dishes but also to reflect that era in our décor. Our restaurant and our food have a contemporary feeling with a slight modern flair that cannot be found elsewhere ! 

“They thought I was a surrealist, but I wasn't. I never Painted dreams. I painted my own reality. ” 

 -   Frida Kahlo  -



“Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?”

-  Frida Kahlo  -

“At the end of the day, we can e”

-  Frida Kahlo  -

* * * 
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"What [a] great place to sit and have dinner. Even with the physical distancing it was a great place to enjoy a meal. The plates were amazing. Margaritas and wine were great too." 

-Larry F.-


— Name, Title

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"Absolutely amazing great service, the staff is very attentive and it felt homey. We went for my dads birthday and we had an amazing time!!!"

-Jordyn R.-

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